Saturday, February 8, 2014

Louie + Jillian (Part One) // Utah Wedding Photographer

You guys!  I am SO excited to share this wedding with you!  It was beautiful and dreamy and oh, so much fun. I've decided to break it down into parts so as to not overwhelm you me ;).  First up- getting ready.  Getting ready pictures are often some of my favorite captures of the day. I love the anticipation, excitement and nervousness that is in the air. Louis and Jillian had more time than usual to get suited up.  One of the main roads leading to the venue was shut down because of a fire which pushed the wedding back almost an hour as guests had no way to arrive.  I was impressed by how Louis and Jillian made the best of the situation.  Jillian went above and beyond to make her big day memorable for her bridesmaids with sweet notes on their shoes and personalized hangers. Louis and Jillian also took time before the wedding to do a gift exchange via members of the wedding party. Soon after that the bride's room quickly turned into a dance party until it was time to head down for the ceremony. Even with the setbacks it was a fantastic start to an amazing day. 


Elise said...

I LOVE getting ready pics and these are as great as they come!

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