Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lindi // Utah Children's Photographer

I'm going short and sweet with today's post. Lindi was such a little lady during her cake smash session.  Her mom and I were cracking up as we watched her carefully eat pinch by pinch.  After a few small satisfying bites, she was done.  Girlfriend is all about intuitive eating, apparently ;).

Monday, January 13, 2014

Noah// Utah Birth Photographer

Bright and early one morning in May I arrived at the hospital with a smile on my face and my camera bag slung over my shoulder. It was eerily quiet in the halls as I made my way back to Labor and Delivery. Rachel, a friend and client of many years, had gone in the night before to be induced and had been laboring all night.  According to "the plan" Noah was scheduled to arrive at any moment. Noah apparently had a plan of his own and didn't arrive until almost 12 hours later. I guess that goes to show the best of things can't be rushed ;). When Noah finally made his much anticipated entrance I was moved to tears as I watched the reaction of those surrounding him: his sweet mom, who was utterly exhausted, his dad, who had kept everyone laughing throughout the long day, and his dedicated grandma and aunt. What a lucky little boy to have such a loving welcome crew. I feel honored I was able to be there and document such a raw and beautiful day. 

Super Finn: Utah Newborn Photographer

What a fun session.  I was absolutely ecstatic when Finn's mom and dad requested a superhero theme. Finn was such a sweet and easy going little guy and as an extra bonus I got schooled on my superheroes. Did you know Captain America doesn't wear a cape and Superman doesn't wear a mask? I'm pretty sure that's what they said anyway ;). 

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