Monday, March 14, 2011

The Great Debate

I <3 baby legs.  A lot. 

The Hubs, does not.

"Get my boy out of those tights!" he says

"Not tights, BABY LEGS.  And look how they showcase his chubby-wubby thighs and cutsie-wootsie tootsies" I respond.

The Hubs replies by rolling his eyes.

Feel free to join in on the great debate in the comments section...  but only if you are going to agree with me ;).


Krystal said...

I have never used them, but I think they are SO CUTE!! Not only that, I've heard they help protect the little knees from rug burn etc. when baby is crawling. :) I intend on using them once my little one joins us!

So, my vote.....

Amber Lynn said...


Brandon and Teresa R said...

I couldn't even tell they were those until I read your post, and i LOVE them!!

jessi9380 said...

Haha, lol, saw what the debate was going to be in the first picture! :-)
Good luck Dave!

liz said...

Oh my goodness, he's SO cute and I LOVE him! Also, he still looks manly to me...I mean, for a little baby.

Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

My cousin sent me two pairs of pirate ones... I never remember to put them on the boys.
Chip sides with Dave.
I side with you.

I think we cancel each other out. (although, I'm soo much cooler than CHip... so maybe mine has a little more leverage. )

Rachel Holloway said...

I have to say, when I saw them the other day, I was quite surprised! lol. But the more I've thought about it, the more I realized it would probably be a-okay. They're cute on him!

Kati said...

Ahhh! I hate to do this, but I am with Dave! Them are tights, Britt!

Jessica Adamson said...

I have twelve pair...well, about twenty three unpaired babylegs for my little one, and my husband? He said the same thing! Jessica, He's a boy, he doesn't need tights...WRONG deary, they aren't tights... He's a boy, and needs babylegs....They are so cute!

Tawny Lowther said...

I love them and cant wait to have this new baby to put them on even if its a boy or a girl!

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